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Pup Point Rewards

Get Rewarded for Shopping with The Pet Industry!
When you create your account with The Pet Industry, you are automatically enrolled in our Pup Points program! 
You will see the Pup Points Widget at the bottom of the webpage, this allows you to check your balance, locate your referral code, view ways to earn and ways to redeem! 

Ways to Earn Pup Points

1) Create an account for The Pet Industry - 50 Pup Points

2) Shop online at The Pet Industry! -  1 Pup Point for every $1 spent

2) Following us on Instagram (@petindustryyeg) - 75 Pup Points

3) Following us on Facebook (@petindustryyeg) - 75 Pup Points

4) Celebrate your Birthday - 100 Pup Points

Pup Points Rewards

1) Redeem 300 Pup Points for 10% off your entire order

2) Redeem 400 Pup Points for 20% off your entire order

3) Redeem 500 Pup Points for 50% off your entire order 


Referral Program

Earn a 10% off coupon for every customer that you refer. They receive at      15% off coupon for their first order!


If you have Pup Points from, please email to have them transferred to your new TPI account. This offer expires July 31, 2021.